The Dog and the Donkey

As soon as upon a time, there lived a washerman within the city . He had two pets-a canine and a donkey. The canine used to maintain watch on his home the entire day lengthy. The donkey used to hold the washerman’s load to and from the riverside.

One night time the washerman was sleeping soundly and a theif got here into the home. The canine too was quick asleep. So, he didn’t bark on the thief. However the donkey was awake. He noticed the theif and thought toawaken his grasp. So, he started to bray loudly . The theif ran away in concern. On listening the braying of the donkey, the washerman couldn’t sleep. He got here out and couldn’t perceive why he was braying. To make him fairly, he began beating the donkey with a stick. However the washerman’s home was saved.

MORAL: Thoughts your personal enterprise.