The Cat’s Elopement Fairy Tales

This Japanese story is a hidden gem from The Pink Fairy E book of Andrew Lang (1901). The story got here to Lang by way of a German assortment of tales. It’s not solely terribly romantic, however accommodates some thrilling fights between cat and canine, and cat and serpent.

The Cat’s Elopement

Within the Pond Life introduction, we uncover what Bertie the Frog learnt at college when he was a good-looking prince.

As soon as upon a time there lived a cat of marvellous magnificence, with a pores and skin as comfortable and shining as silk, and sensible inexperienced eyes, that might see even at the hours of darkness. His title was Gon, and he belonged to a music trainer, who was so fond and pleased with him that he wouldn’t have parted with him for something on this planet.

Now, not removed from the music grasp’s home there dwelled a woman who possessed a most beautiful little pussy cat referred to as Koma. She was such a little bit pricey altogether, who blinked her eyes so daintily, and ate her supper so tidily – and when she had completed, she licked her pink nostril so delicately together with her little tongue, that her mistress was by no means uninterested in saying: “Koma, Koma, what ought to I do with out you?”

Properly, it occurred someday that these two, when out for a night stroll, met below a cherry tree, and in a single second fell head over heels in love with one another. Gon had lengthy felt that it was time for him to discover a spouse, for all the women within the neighbourhood paid him a lot consideration that it made him fairly shy. However he was not straightforward to please, and didn’t care about any of them. Now, earlier than he had time to suppose, Cupid had entangled him in his internet, and he was stuffed with love in the direction of Koma. She absolutely returned his ardour, however, like a girl, she noticed the difficulties in the way in which, and consulted sadly with Gon as to the technique of overcoming them. Gon advised his grasp to set issues proper by shopping for Koma, however her mistress wouldn’t half from her. Then the music grasp was requested to promote Gon to the girl, however he declined to take heed to any such suggestion, so every little thing remained as earlier than.

At size the love of the couple grew to such a pitch that they decided to please themselves, and to hunt their fortunes collectively. So one moonlit night time they stole away, and ventured out into an unknown world. All day lengthy they marched bravely on by means of the sunshine, till they’d left their properties far behind them. In direction of night they discovered themselves in a big park. The wanderers by this time had been highly regarded and drained, and the grass regarded very comfortable and welcoming, The bushes forged cool deep shadows, when out of the blue an ogre appeared on this paradise, within the form of a giant, massive canine! He got here springing in the direction of them exhibiting all his enamel. Koma shrieked, and rushed up a cherry tree. Gon, nonetheless, stood his floor boldly, and ready to present battle – for he felt that Koma’s eyes had been upon him, and that he should not run away.

Alas! His braveness would have availed him nothing had his enemy as soon as touched him, for he was massive and highly effective, and really fierce. From her perch within the tree, Koma noticed all of it, and screamed with all her would possibly, hoping that somebody would hear and are available to assist. Fortunately a servant of the princess to whom the park belonged to was strolling by. He drove off the canine, and selecting up the trembling Gon in his arms, carried him to his mistress.

So poor little Koma was left alone, whereas Gon was borne away, stuffed with bother, and never within the least figuring out what to do. Even the eye paid him by the princess, who was delighted together with his magnificence and fairly methods, didn’t console him. There was no use in combating in opposition to destiny, and he may solely wait and see what would flip up.

The princess, Gon’s new mistress, was so good and type that everyone liked her, and he or she would have led a cheerful life, had it not been for a serpent who had fallen in love together with her, and was consistently annoying her by his presence. Her servants had orders to drive him away as typically as he appeared, however as they had been careless, and the serpent very sly, it generally occurred that he was capable of slip previous them, and frightened the princess by showing earlier than her. Sooner or later she was seated in her room, taking part in on her favorite musical instrument, when she felt one thing gliding up her sash, and noticed her enemy making his approach as much as kiss her cheek. She shrieked and threw herself backwards, and Gon, who had been curled up on a stool at her toes, understood her terror – and with one sure, seized the snake by his neck.

He gave him one chunk and one shake, and flung him on the bottom, the place he lay, by no means to fret the princess any extra. Then the princess took Gon in her arms, and praised and caressed him. She noticed that he had the nicest bits to eat, and the softest mats to lie on; and he would have had nothing on the earth to want for if solely he may have seen Koma once more.

Time handed on, and one morning Gon lay earlier than the home door, basking within the solar. He regarded lazily on the world stretched out earlier than him, and noticed within the distance a giant ruffian of a cat teasing and ill-treating fairly a little bit one. He jumped up, stuffed with rage, and chased away the large cat, after which he turned to consolation the infant, when his coronary heart almost burst with pleasure to seek out that it was Koma. At first Koma didn’t know him once more, he had grown so massive and stately. However when it dawned upon her who it was, her happiness knew no bounds. They rubbed their heads and their noses many times, whereas their purring might need been heard a mile off.

Paw in paw they appeared earlier than the princess, and advised her the story of their life and its sorrows. The princess wept for sympathy, and promised that they need to by no means extra be parted, however ought to dwell together with her to the tip of their days. By-and-by, the princess herself obtained married, and introduced a prince to dwell within the palace within the park. She advised him all about her two cats, and the way courageous Gon had been, and the way he had delivered her from her enemy the serpent. When the prince heard this, he swore they need to by no means depart them, however ought to go together with the princess wherever she went. So all of it fell out because the princess wished and Gon and Koma had many youngsters, and so had the princess. All of them performed collectively, and had been associates to the tip of their lives.