Suspended in Space

There were three dandelion flowers tucked far away in the corner of a corn field. The farmer loved the corns but never ever cared or even looked at the dandelions and considered them as weeds. This made dandelions very sad. But they still had hope and thought that one day someone would definitely care for them.

It was a bright sunshine morning and dandelions were in full bloom, they looked like three little suns in the vast green. As the wind swayed the dandelions too swayed along. Their happiness was unsurpassable. Days just went by and the ripples of time showed on dandelions too.

Their yellow faces were slowly withering and turning white and frail. They had started to look like moon. The moon in the dark sky looked from above and wondered what those tiny things that looked like him were? He sent an angel at night to enquire. On seeing the angel dandelions were very excited. They told their story to the angel, also told him that soon their seed heads would fly away to distant shores, but till now they did not find anyone who cared about them except for the moon, who was inquisitive.

The angel went back to the moon and told him everything. Moon had sympathy for the dandelions. He asked the angel that when seed heads would blow, he should gather them and spread them in the space.

The winds were changing and so were the dandelions. All three bid adieu to and as the wind blew their seed heads blew with them. The angel caught all the seed heads and sprinkled them in the space. The seed heads sparkled with joy and became shiny dots in the dark space.