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The Twelve Dancing Princesses

There was a king who had twelve beautiful daughters. They slept in twelve beds all in one room; and when they went to bed, the doors were shut and locked up; but every morning their shoes were found to be quite worn through as if they had been danced in all night; and yet nobody could find out how it happened, or where they had been. Then the king

The Fairy Finders Chapters 5 and 6

This is the next installment of The Fairy Finders.Click here to start from the beginning. We followed Squeak through the trees, crossing Sorrel Patch and ending up at Bluebell Burrow.  When we reached a large bluebell covered hole, Squeak leant in and called: “Hellooooo, Wise Old Witch Hare.” We heard some rustling down below and then out l

The Fairy Finders Chapters 7 and 8

This is the next installment of The Fairy Finders.Click here to start from the beginning. Later that day, I spotted Freddie down at the river edge, I could tell by the slump of his shoulders that he was solemn, fishing vulnerable and alone.  I scampered down the tree to go and join him.  As I approached, he startled, and I felt bad for creeping

The Fairy Finders Chapters 9 and 10

This is the final installment of The Fairy Finders.Click here to start from the beginning. 9. Animals Grouch came knocking the next day. “I have a message from Mrs Maple to convey to you.” “Why didn’t she tell us directly?”  “ Because she thought you would be too half-witted to comprehend, so she asked me to translate into child s

The Naughty Woodpecker

Not many animals moved into The Hollow, so it was quite a special day when Mr and Mrs Woodpecker and their son, Young Walter arrived. They were moving into a large beech tree on the edge of the wood – not very far from where Mr Squirrel lived. All the animals were excited about it – and wanted to meet the new arrivals. “Can I get you anythin

Little Hans

“Little Hans. This stovepipe has a hole in it. Go to the workshop, find the big piece of metal there, and from it cut a piece just the right size to fix it.” Little Hans, as always, obeyed his father immediately. With swift steps he walked past the vegetable garden, where the heads of cabbages were just beginning to appear, past the fruit tree

The Foodfairy

Zack lives on a small farm in rural Nebraska with his father, Scott. Chickens run around freely, horses eat hay in the stable, pigs roll in the mud, and cows “moo”. The summer sun shines on Zack’s black eyes and warms his skin. Zack watches Scott milk Tunia, the mommy cow, who has a pink bow on her head. Tunia sees Zack and licks his face; Za

Two Fighting Cats And A Monkey Story

In the future two cats discovered a loaf of bread. Each the cats needed the bread so that they began preventing. They clawed at one another and fought for very long time. Alongside got here a monkey. “Why are you preventing? ” he questioned. The cats snarled, “We're preventing as a result of each of us wish to eat the bread. ” (daha&h

The frog prince fairy tale

Very long time in the past, when needs usually got here true there lived a king along with his fairly daughter. She was so stunning and loving that the king at all times gave her every thing, no matter she wished. -Father, i'm bored of enjoying with my previous toys. I need one thing new to play with. (daha&helliip;)

Pinocchio Short Story

A Boy Manufactured from Wooden Way back in Italy there lived on outdated clock-maker named Geppetto. Tick-tick-TOCK! Tick-tick-TOCK! went all of the clocks in his store. When he labored, Geppetto felt joyful. However when he rested, a tragic feeling came to visit him. “Ah!” he would suppose. “All my life and no baby to name my very own!”