Arama Sonucu

The Ocean Princess

The Ocean King watched sadly his only daughter sneaking out every bright night when the moon lit the ocean, and the stars showed her the way to the surface. She headed toward the shallows, so close to the dangerous shore. He anticipated some dangerous events and strange happenings and his heart ached. But he loved her so much that he couldn’t li

The Soldier of Paleria

Long ago, in the Kingdom of Paleria, there lived a princess called Haley. She had a big palace, a powerful army, a prosperous kingdom, and her parents had just passed away. Many princes and kings from the neighbouring kingdom wanted to marry her. But, Haley announced that she would only marry the man who found the magical goldfish for her. The gold


My dad Robert has grey hair, a nose like a cudgel from falling off the tractor and a mouth as wide as a shed door.  He’s always loved to joke and laugh. But ever since this drought set in, the only thing that can bring a smile onto his face is playing the poker machines at the Station Hotel. Poker machines work like this: a player feeds dollar

The Enchanter on the Hill

Utgard the Unimpressed sat in his castle, feeling very satisfied with himself. Things were going rather well these days. He was at the top of the magical field, as well as quite literally at the top of a field. His castle stood upon the crest of a large hill that overlooked miles of farmland and one grubby little village. Utgard had a frightful rep

The King’s Programmer

Once upon a time, there lived a poor programmer in the land of a mighty and feared King. This young programmer had no friends, no family, not even a dog. He had a cat. Better to say a cat visited him sometimes, ate his sandwich, and never let him pet her. This programmer was so poor he could not even afford a Netflix subscription. Was he a bad pro

The Pig Farmer

A retelling of the Hans Christian Andersen story “The Swineherd” There once was a poor farm girl named Philippa who had nothing in this great big world other than a tiny plot of grass, five stinky pigs, an old, falling down shack, and a rickety fence surrounding it all. Every morning Philippa would feed the pigs, then spend the rest of her

The Fairy Finders

1. Mud This is a land of legend where the houses are few, and the mountains are many. A land of mysterious lakes, fantastical forests, and fairies. Not the prissy, sissy sparkly fairies you might be thinking of. Oh no, those do not exist, they are made up fluff. These fairies are the real deal, not dainty and fanciful at all.  In actual fact, th

The Fairy Finders Chapters 3 and 4

This is the next installment of The Fairy Finders.Click here to start from the beginning. It was a white day, a blank canvas, it could go any way. We set to work gathering supplies for our camouflage.  Fern picked blackberries, Freddie and I fetched bracken and fallen leaves, and Isla returned as an enormous, walking, talking bundle of sticky

Owdoo: A Modern Folk Tale

In the land of Eebygum, in the valley of the river Ayup, lay the kingdom of Owdoo. The King of Owdoo was called Frederick the Fearless, but he was now an old man with a long white beard and his subjects secretly called him King Freddie the Fearful. The King had a daughter with eyes as blue as the sky and hair as yellow as the sun and a voice like t