Arama Sonucu

The Bread King and Butter King

Once upon a time there lived two kingdoms; the bread kingdom and butter kingdom. Both kings were greatest of friends. They ate breakfast, lunch, and supper together. One day, a visitor came from the stars and visited Earth. She was called Aurora. Aurora was a very beautiful lady, whose beauty was praised by people, birds and fish. She first vi

Mikaleen and the Stone Soup

Mikaleen would recite poems, some of which he had made up himself.  Then he would play a few tunes on his tin whistle.  This made the people very happy and they would always give him a good meal. If it was getting dark, they would ask him to stay the night. They always gave him some money. One day Mikaleen called at the home of Owen and his new

Althea’s Journey Home

My name is Althea. I am a young scribe from Malcrest, a small village at the edge of the kingdom. I have not seen my family in over two years. I remember the gentle voice of my mother, the strong embrace of my father, and the unconditional bond I share with my brother. My heart aches for them. I had been traveling across the sea with a troupe of o

Tale of Sephrenia

How a good little fairy got into her box and how she was able to get out Once upon a time, not long, long ago, there was a good little fairy of name Sephrenia, who loved marshmallows with a big cup of hot chocolate. Every afternoon at five o’clock she rewarded herself that way in the company of her best friends, having such  a great time togeth

Suspended in Space

There were three dandelion flowers tucked far away in the corner of a corn field. The farmer loved the corns but never ever cared or even looked at the dandelions and considered them as weeds. This made dandelions very sad. But they still had hope and thought that one day someone would definitely care for them. It was a bright sunshine morning and

The Old Troll and the Last Wheel of Cheese

In the Dark Forest, far away in the Northern Lands, where summer is short and winter is ruthless, lived an Old Troll, so old, that Time itself did not remember when he had been born. Only the creatures of the Dark Forest knew what went on under those dense tree canopies, in those bottomless swamps, among tussocks and boulders, covered with green m

The Three Wishes

One day, as was often the case, Shankar went fishing but was not able to catch any fish. The sun began to set but his fishing net was empty. Shankar began to fret, “What’ll we eat today? Oh, I hope we don’t have to starve yet again.” Just then, he felt a strong pull at his net. His spirits lifted. “I seem to have got a nice big catch”.

The Wolf and the Fake News Story

My name is Wolf, but everyone calls me The Big Bad Wolf, but I am not mean. The pigs, on the other hand, are evil. Let me tell you why. One day, I was out for a walk. I was whistling. I passed a house made of straw. I stopped to look at it. I took a deep breath and whistled so hard, I blew the house down. The pig ran away. I wanted to say sorry, s

The Three Little Pigs Retold

Once upon a time, there lived a pig called Mrs Gip. She had three children, two boys called Pog and Pug, and a girl called Peg. Mrs Gip wanted some peace and quiet, so Pog Gip, Pug Gip and Peg Gip decided to go and live in their own houses. Now, Pog did not have any money to rent or to buy a house. “I will have to build one myself,” he though