Arama Sonucu

Fair, Brown and Trembling

King Hugh Curucha lived in Tir Conal, and he had three daughters, whose names were Fair, Brown, and Trembling. Fair and Brown had new dresses, and went to church every Sunday. Trembling was kept at home to do the cooking and work. They would not let her go out of the house at all; for she was more beautiful than the other two, and they were in drea

The Children of Lir

King Lir of Ireland had four young children who were cared for tenderly at first by their stepmother, the new queen; but there came a time when she grew jealous of the love their father had for them, and resolved that she would stand for it no longer. Sometimes there was murder in her heart, but she could not bear the thought of that wickedness,

A Fairy and Frog

Frog and beautiful Fairy Who said, cannot marry?   Once upon a time, across seven seas, in a majestic fairy-land, there was a beautiful castle beside the river of sweet water. And this charming castle was the home for three fairy sisters, whose names were Shine, Bright, and Grace. Shine was the eldest, and Grace was the youngest. Every morning

Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp

ALADDIN was the son of a poor tailor in an Eastern city. He was a spoiled boy, and loved play better than work; so that when Mustapha, his father, died, he was not able to earn his living; and his poor mother had to spin cotton all day long to buy food for their support. But she dearly loved her son, knowing that he had a good heart, and she believ

Flying Piglets and the Big Bad Wolf

Once upon a time there were three very special little pigs who lived by a nuclear plant. One day, as they were walking down the road past the plant, it exploded. The explosion caused chemicals to rise into the sky and land on the three pigs. The pigs were covered with green slime—boy it looked disgusting. This caused them to start running in cir

Bertie and the What Bear

Lucy was a clever girl who spent a lot of time alone. It wasn’t that Lucy was unfriendly, just that she had a naturally serious face. Unless she made an effort it sometimes looked as if she wanted to be left alone, even though she really wouldn’t have minded talking to someone. However, just because she spent time alone didn’t mean she was

The Watcher Society

Drib had wandered all over the world from big city to little village seeking the gifted ones.   He had met many, but he was hoping before he was taken beyond life to find one with the special gifts spoken of in the prophecies.  He was sure it would be a young one as he easily connected with them more than the old ones – their light radiated mu

The Unicorn and His Friends

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful island. In the island meadows, there lived a young fairy named Isotopia. She had a pet monkey named Poppy. Isotopia and Poppy were simple beings with simple tastes and lifestyle. They lived in a small, simply furnished house. On the same island, there also lived a Unicorn, who had a special ability of flying