Arama Sonucu

The Brownies

“CHILDREN are a burden,” said the tailor, as he sat on his bench stitching away. “Children are a blessing,” said the kind lady in the window. It was the tailor’s mother who spoke. She was a very old woman and nearly helpless. All day she sat in a large armchair knitting rugs. “What have my two lads ever done to help me?” continued

The Birthday Honours of the Fairy Queen

So you want to hear the story about the Fairy Queen, do ye? “Oh yes, uncle Michael!” Very well then, children. Once upon a time there lived in green Ireland a little girl by the name of Nora. Her home was a small thatched cottage of stone beside the hill at the foot of a mountain, in the midst of a woodland so deep that in the summer time whe

Santa’s Helpers

Way up in the North Pole lives Santa, of course. And there in his workshop is Santa’s workforce. They’re nine little elves who work hard every day. Creating the treasures that fill Santa’s sleigh.   There’s Fricky and Flim-Flub, Gulbert and Flux, Clotworthy, Glibberstein, Walworth and Snucks. But the littlest elf is the star of the

Fairies in the Flower Garden

My name is Leah, and when I was young and growing up, we had fairies in the flower garden. As far as I know, I was the only one that ever saw the fairies. They would come around me when I was playing in the garden and they kept me company. The number of fairies is still unknown to me, because there were new ones all of the time. The house that we

Beautiful Wild Rose Girl

Illustrated by Jamila Keba Once upon a time, there was a poor, sad girl who lived in a swamp. The swamp smelt awfully, was always cold and damp, and all night she had to listen to the Bullfrogs who sang to her: “Trooonk! Trooonk! Trooonk! What a stupid ugly girl! Trooonk! Trooonk! Trooonk! What a stupid ugly girl!”  Between the swamp and the

Magic Leather

A Fairy gave a Cobbler some magic leather, It was easily workable and light as a feather. Cutting, Hammering, and sewing away, He made some shoes in just one day.   The shoes were meant for the Fairy Queen, Such dainty shoes had never before been seen. Enough leather was left to make a purse, The Cobbler made it for his old Nurse.   The

More Rabbits

In Fairyland The Rabbit population is getting out of hand. Why some of the Fairies want all of the Rabbits banned. Food was the main problem Rabbits they ate such a lot. This troubled the Fairies and put them all on the spot. The wise old fairies were called in for some good advice. The wise old fairies even considered feeding the Rabbits rice

Mortal Man

Walking through the grass so green, I saw a beautiful Fairy Queen. She was combing her golden hair, All I could do was stand and stare. Turning, smiling, she looked at me, And said she’d grant me wishes three. Choose carefully mortal man, For I cannot increase your life’s span. So wish not before you think, For I have driven many a man

Mouse Playground

My mouse asked me to make a play ground for the mice, I thought to myself that would be something quite nice. So I bought a lot of nails and plenty of good hard wood, Built swings and slides because they were good. I dug a large piece of ground to make a swimming pool, It was something in the hot summer to keep them all cool. My little mouse