Arama Sonucu

The Three Sillies

ONCE upon a time there was a farmer and his wife who had one daughter, and she was courted by a gentleman. Every evening he used to come and see her, and stop to supper at the farmhouse, and the daughter used to be sent down into the cellar to draw the beer for supper. So one evening she had gone down to draw the beer, and she happened to look up a

The Haughty Princess

THERE was once a very worthy King, whose daughter was the greatest beauty that could be seen far or near, but she was as proud as the Devil, and no king or prince would she agree to marry. Her father was tired out at last, and invited every king, and prince, and duke, and earl that he knew or didn’t know to come to his court to give her one trial

Hudden and Dudden and Donald O’Neary

THERE was once upon a time two farmers, and their names were Hudden and Dudden. They had poultry in their yards, sheep on the uplands, and scores of cattle in the meadow land alongside the river. But for all that they weren’t happy, for just between their two farms there lived a poor man by the name of Donald O’Neary. He had a hovel over his he

Connla of the Golden Hair and the Fairy Maiden

CONNLA of the Golden Hair was the son of Conn the Hundred-fighter. One day as he stood with his father on the royal Hill of Usna, he saw a lady a little way off, very beautiful, and dressed in strange clothes. She approached the spot where he stood; and when she was near, he spoke to her, and asked who she was, and from what place she had come. Th

The Story of the Man who did not Wish to Die

LONG, long ago there lived a man called Sentaro. His surname meant “Millionaire,” but although he was not so rich as all that, he was still very far from being poor. He had inherited a small fortune from his father and lived on this, spending his time carelessly, without any serious thoughts of work, till he was about thirty-two years of age.

The Accomplished and Lucky Teakettle

LONG time ago, at a temple called Morinji, in the province of Jhôsiu, there was an old teakettle. One day, when the priest of the temple was about to hang it over the fire to boil the water for his tea, to his amazement the kettle all of a sudden grew the head and tail of a badger. What a wonderful kettle, to come out all over fur! The priest, th

Battle of the Monkey and the Crab

A MONKEY and a Crab once met when going round a mountain. The Monkey had picked up a persimmon-seed, and the Crab had a piece of toasted rice-cake. The Monkey, seeing this, and wishing to get something good out of it, said, “Please, exchange that rice-cake for this persimmon-seed.” (A persimmon is a Japanese fruit, it looks a bit like a tomato


A LONG long time ago there lived an old man and an old woman. One day the old man went to the mountains to cut grass; and the old woman went to the river to wash clothes. While she was washing a great thing came tumbling and splashing down the stream. When the old woman saw it she was very glad, and pulled it to her with a piece of bamboo that lay

Uraschima Taro and the Turtle

URASCHIMA Taro, which means in Japanese “Son of the Island,” was the only and dearly beloved son of an old fisherman and his wife. He was a fine, strong youth, who could manage a boat more cleverly than any one else on the neighboring coast. He often ventured so far out to sea that neighbors warned his parents that he would sometime go too far

The Son of Seven Queens

ONCE upon a time there lived a King who had seven Queens, but no children. This was a great grief to him, especially when he remembered that on his death there would be no heir to inherit the kingdom. Now it happened one day that a poor old beggar came to the King and said, “Your prayers are heard, your desire shall be accomplished, and one of y