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Raggedy Ann and the Faries’ Gift

All the dolls were tucked snugly in their little doll-beds for the night and the large house was very still. Every once in a while Fido would raise one ear and partly open one eye, for his keen dog sense seemed to tell him that something was about to happen. Finally he opened both eyes, sniffed into the air and, getting out of his basket and shak

Raggedy Ann and the Chickens

When Marcella was called into the house she left Raggedy sitting on the chicken yard fence. “Now you sit quietly and do not stir,” Marcella told Raggedy Ann, “If you move you may fall and hurt yourself!” So, Raggedy Ann sat quietly, just as Marcella told her, but she smiled at the chickens for she had fallen time and again and it had never

Raggedy Ann and the Mouse

Jeanette was a new wax doll, and like Henny, the Dutch doll, she could say “Mamma” when anyone tipped her backward or forward. She had lovely golden brown curls of real hair. It could be combed and braided, or curled or fluffed without tangling, and Raggedy Ann was very proud when Jeanette came to live with the dolls. But now Raggedy Ann was v

Raggedy Ann’s New Sisters

Marcella was having a tea party up in the nursery when Daddy called to her, so she left the dollies sitting around the tiny table and ran down stairs carrying Raggedy Ann with her. Mama, Daddy and a strange man were talking in the living room and Daddy introduced Marcella to the stranger. The stranger was a large man with kindly eyes and a cheery


It’s happening again. As night settles in, creatures lurk in the dark shadows. I can’t see them, but I know they’re there. I can hear them snarling, panting. They’re watching me, waiting to hurt me once I’m asleep. I cry out to scare them away. There’s something by my side, brushing against my arm. Ow! It bit me! Now a dazzling bright

The Three Little Gnomes

A silvery thread of smoke curled up over the trunk of the old tree and floated away through the forest, and tiny voices came from beneath the trunk of the old tree. Long, long ago, the tree had stood strong and upright and its top branches reached far above any of the other trees in the forest, but the tree had grown so old it began to shiver wh

The Happy Rattle

Willie Woodchuck sat at the entrance of his burrow home whittling with a knife upon a tiny dried gourd, which is a type of fruit with a hard shell that is often used to make things. “What are you making?” asked Timothy Toad, as he hopped through the grass and sat in front of Willie. “Oh, I am just whittling because I have nothing else to

Recipe for a Happy Day

One morning Marjorie’s Mamma called to her several times before Marjorie answered, for her pretty brown eyes were very sleepy and would hardly stay open. “Come, dear! Please hurry, for I want you to run to the grocery before breakfast!” Mamma called from the foot of the stairs. “Oh dear!” exclaimed Marjorie, “I don’t want to get u

Grandfather Skeeter-Hawk’s Story

It was a beautiful day in the late summer. Tommy Grasshopper, Johnny Cricket and Willy Ladybug were playing on a high bank of the river, and watching the little fish jumping after tiny flies and bugs that fell upon the surface of the stream. “Let’s go up higher so that we can see them better,” Willy Ladybug said. “Yes, let’s climb up on

Crow Talk

“Caw, Caw, Caw,” one old crow cried as he faced the other two crows. “Caw?” asked the second old crow as he plumed his feathers and screwed his head around to get a better view of the little boy lying under the tree. “Caw-AAAAH! Ca—aaaaw!” replied the first crow. “Those crows must be talking to each other!” Dickie Dorn thought t