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Hero Man – Episode 1: The Scientist Cats

It was a hot, summer day and Ralph (Hero Man) was walking to his friend’s home. “When is my first mission?” he wondered. While he was wondering, he heard people screaming and shouting. It was fire!!! Ralph quickly ran into his house. While he was running to his home, he called his friend, Robin. Ralph said “Hey Robin, I could be late for y

Rosie O’ Sullivan’s Adventure

Not too long ago on a bright moonlit night, young Rosie O’Sullivan was in her bedroom reading a very exciting Nancy Drew book.  It was well past midnight when all of a sudden a peaceful calm feeling washed over her and she began to feel light as a feather.  Next thing she knew she was rising up off her bed and floating across her room.  She dr

Raggedy Ann Learns a Lesson

One day the dolls were left all to themselves. Their little mistress had placed them all around the room and told them to be nice children while she was away. And there they sat and never even so much as wiggled a finger, until their mistress had left the room. Then the soldier dolly turned his head and solemnly winked at Raggedy Ann. And when

Raggedy Ann and the Washing

“Why, Dinah! How could you!” Mamma looked out of the window and saw Marcella run up to Dinah and take something out of her hand and then put her head in her arm and commence crying. “What is the trouble, Dear?” Mamma asked, as she came out the door and knelt beside the little figure shaking with sobs. Marcella held out Raggedy Ann. But s

Raggedy Ann and the Kite

Raggedy Ann watched with interest the preparations. A number of sticks were being fastened together with strings and covered with light cloth. Raggedy Ann heard some of the boys talk of “The Kite,” so Raggedy Ann knew this must be a kite. When a tail had been fastened to the kite and a large ball of heavy twine tied to the front, one of the

Raggedy Ann Rescues Fido

It was almost midnight and the dolls were asleep in their beds; all except Raggedy Ann. Raggedy lay there, her shoe-button eyes staring straight up at the ceiling. Every once in a while Raggedy Ann ran her rag hand up through her yarn hair. She was thinking. When she had thought for a long, long time, Raggedy Ann raised herself on her wabbly elbo

Raggedy Ann and the Painter

When housecleaning time came around, Mistress’ mamma decided that she would have the nursery repainted and new paper put upon the walls. That was why all the dolls happened to be laid helter-skelter upon one of the high shelves. Mistress had been in to look at them and wished to put them to bed, but as the painters were coming again in the early

Raggedy Ann’s Trip on the River

When Marcella had a tea party out in the orchard, of course all of the dolls were invited. Raggedy Ann, the tin soldier, the Indian doll and all the others—even the four little penny dolls in the spool box. After a lovely tea party with ginger cookies and milk, of course the dolls were very sleepy, at least Marcella thought so, so she took all ex

Raggedy Ann and the Strange Dolls

Raggedy Ann lay just as Marcella had dropped her—all sprawled out with her rag arms and legs twisted in ungraceful attitudes. Her yarn hair was twisted and lay partly over her face, hiding one of her shoe-button eyes. Raggedy gave no sign that she had heard, but lay there smiling at the ceiling. Perhaps Raggedy Ann knew that what the new dolls

Raggedy Ann and the Kittens

Raggedy Ann had been away all day. Marcella had come early in the morning and dressed all the dolls and placed them about the nursery. Some of the dolls had been put in the little red chairs around the little doll table. There was nothing to eat upon the table except a turkey, a fried egg and an apple, all made of plaster of paris and painted in