Arama Sonucu

Letter to Zac

  Hi Zac.  How are you? Sorry that I haven’t written to you sooner but I had a sore finger and I couldn’t type very well. Do you want to know what happened to my finger? Well, last Tuesday I was in the garden with “Kranky” the cat from next door combing the grass and talking to the flowers when along came a weezle-wobbler.  It was th

The Girl Who Had Wings

Once there was a girl who had wings.  She didn’t know she had wings, but they were there all the same. Folded and tucked into the place between the girl’s shoulder blades, the wings lay hidden for seven long years. Then, in the middle of a beautiful daydream, out they sprang. Tearing through the girl’s thin cotton dress, her magnificent wing

Grandma Reilly’s Pig

“Be very careful with this one, Shona,” said Gran. Shona took hold of the present with both hands. It was very heavy. She tore off the paper carefully. Inside was a big yellow china pig. Shona loved the pig’s rounded sides with painted daisies. She loved the huge smile on the pig’s china face. Most of all Shona loved its long, thick eyelas

I’m a Spring Onion

Helena arrived home from school. She threw down her bag in the hallway. “Why the long face, Helena?” asked Mum.  “You should be excited. We’re shopping for your party tonight.” “Oh, Mum!” Helena replied. “It’s awful! I’m a spring onion in the Christmas play and …” “Did you say a spring onion?” Mum hid a smile. “Ye

Lucy Pebble’s Miracle

It was the middle of February. Lucy Pebble sprang out of bed very excited. She was going to have a new brother or sister at long last. And today would be the day. Wearing a tweed cap and green jacket, Paddy Pebble was perched at the table eating a breakfast of slugs. After he had finished, he pushed the food over to his daughter then began to peck

The Father’s Day Gift

Father’s Day was in two weeks. I didn’t know what to get Dad. Last year I made him a coupon book. This year I wanted to do something different. I just had no idea what. At dinner Dad accidentally dipped his favorite blue tie into his soup bowl. The tie was ruined. I suddenly knew what to get Dad for Father’s Day! “How much does a tie cost

Learning to Dance Again

In the garden of an old house grew two big trees. One was an Ash tree.  His branches were thick and strong. The other was a round, green, jolly, holly tree.  Ash and Holly talked to each other all the time. Sometimes they argued. Sometimes they laughed. They liked to talk about the time when the children were small. In summer two little girls h

The Catacomb Adventures

Note:  I acknowledge that many historians believe that the Catacombs were used for temporary hiding places rather than long-term dwellings. Note:  I have taken liberties with the time frame between Paul’s conversion and the first missionary journey. Anna watched as her brother stretched his hand as far as he could, trying to reach their mothe

Sadie – A Revolutionary War Story

“More Redcoats, Papa!” Sadie warned. She watched as a flurry of dust billowed around the small group of soldiers riding into their yard. Her father frowned at the news. “Well, go on then but watch yourself.” “Yes, Papa.” Sadie moved quickly to her secret hiding place and crouched down in a space the size of a cupboard. She shut the l

You Can’t Win

I hate to lose—especially at chess. And Pete’s here at the city-wide tournament. He’s last year’s grade four champion, who lives and breathes chess. The one opponent I don’t want. The tournament director welcomes us from the gym stage. The boy beside me yawns, while the girl next to him twists the end of her ponytail around her finger so