Mouse Playground

My mouse asked me to make a play ground for the mice,

I thought to myself that would be something quite nice.

So I bought a lot of nails and plenty of good hard wood,

Built swings and slides because they were good.

I dug a large piece of ground to make a swimming pool,

It was something in the hot summer to keep them all cool.

My little mouse and his wife were highly delighted with it all,

So I went down into the town to buy the mice a large red ball.

The mice are squeaking and making lots of noise.

The girls are much louder than the healthy young boys.

Now the fairies come to play every day of the week,

All have great fun while they play hide and seek.

The news has spread all over the town you know,

At six in the morning the kids are all on the go.

The Fairy Queen herself came and stayed for a week,

She was as good as the kiddies playing hide and seek.

The fairies have painted all of the roundabouts and swings

I happily watch them all and my old heart it sings.

Won’t you come into my garden to play with them all,

We will even let you play with the large red ball.