Mortal Man

Walking through the grass so green,

I saw a beautiful Fairy Queen.

She was combing her golden hair,

All I could do was stand and stare.

Turning, smiling, she looked at me,

And said she’d grant me wishes three.

Choose carefully mortal man,

For I cannot increase your life’s span.

So wish not before you think,

For I have driven many a man to drink.

All that glitters is not gold,

These three wishes can make one old.

You may wish for health and wealth,

Or much happiness for yourself.

Oh Fairy Queen, Majesty fair,

As you stand, combing your hair,

There is nothing that I want from you,

I have my health and happiness too.

My five senses work quite well,

The crafts of my hands I can easily sell.

As I walk though this grass so green,

Breathing God’s air so fresh and clean.

I thank the Lord for a wonderful day,

Also for sending you my way.

As you may see, by my words of reply,

My aspirations are not too high.

For I have all that I need,

My heart was never filled with greed.

So I bid you farewell as I go on my way,

Save your three wishes for another day.

The next mortal man that you may meet,

Might find your wishes extra sweet.

But I am content just as I am,

An ordinary happy, Mortal Man.