Stories for Kids

Pinocchio Short Story

A Boy Manufactured from Wooden Way back in Italy there lived on outdated clock-maker named Geppetto. Tick-tick-TOCK! Tick-tick-TOCK! went all of the clocks in his store. When he labored, Geppetto felt joyful. However when he rested, a tragic feeling came to visit him. “Ah!” he would suppose. “All my life and no baby to name my very own!”

Cinderella Fairytale

Once upon time a girl named Cinderella lived with her stepmother and two stepsisters. Poor Cinderella had to work hard all day long so the others could rest. It was she who had to wake up each morning when it was still dark and cold to start the fire. It was she who cooked the meals. It was she who kept the fire going. The poor girl could not stay

Little Pink Riding Hood Tales

As soon as upon a time there was an expensive little lady who was beloved by each one who checked out her, however most of all by her grandmother, and there was nothing that she wouldn't have given to the kid. As soon as she gave her somewhat cap of pink velvet, which suited her so properly that she would by no means put on anything. So she was all