Original Stories

The Heart of Christmas

Santa was feeling tired. He was sitting on a park bench feeding bread to the pigeons when the thought struck him hard.   He didn’t want to be Santa anymore; he’d been too long at it!   All that climbing down chimneys and ‘ho ho ho’-ing was beginning to wear him down.   It was time to quit; time to hand over Rudolph’s reins to someb

The Baby

“Leah!  Go to the door!  Whoever it is, tell them there’s no more room!” Leah ran quickly to do her father’s bidding. The thick door had been locked and barred to discourage new customers. Leah’s father, the innkeeper, was tired of explaining that the inn was overcrowded — that there just wasn’t any room anywhere. Even the tiny ro

Naughty Noel

Not everyone can say their dad is Santa—not like the little boy over there in the schoolhouse window.  Third-grade classroom, second row from the back, the one doodling on his boot.  He may not have the belly or the beard yet, but that birds’ nest of hair you see has kept as white as freshly-fallen snow since the day he was born.  His name i

The Santa Flower

Illustrated by Ciara, aged 8. Deep within Eastern Europe there is a village called Flottsheim that has a small park right in its centre and in the very middle of the park there is a raised flower bed. Every year, at the start of December, the famous Santa flower grows and blooms there. People from all around the village gather round at midnight o

The Legend of the Black Sea

“Boley!” shouted the old man to his dog and it came at once. “Boley, bring me some water because I’m thirsty!” The dog dashed away and in a little while came back with the water. “Here’s a fish for you,” the old man said as he stroked him. “Serzhina!”shouted the old fisherman to his cat this time, but Serzhina didn’t appea

Pendulum Clock

I was halfway down the steps before the final bell stopped ringing. It was Friday. On Fridays, I went to my grandfather’s Time for Sale Clock Shoppe after school.   Every type of clock you could think of was in his store. Clocks with Roman numerals. Clocks that showed the phase of the moon. Clocks with a bird that popped out of a door and chim

How Raggedy Andy Came

One day Daddy took Raggedy Ann down to his office and propped her up against some books upon his desk; he wanted to have her where he could see her cheery smile all day, for, as you must surely know, smiles and happiness are truly catching. Daddy wished to catch a whole lot of Raggedy Ann’s cheeriness and happiness and put all this down on paper

The Nursery Dance

When Raggedy Andy was first brought to the nursery he was very quiet. Raggedy Andy did not speak all day, but he smiled pleasantly to all the other dolls. There was Raggedy Ann, the French doll, Henny, the little Dutch doll, Uncle Clem, and a few others. Some of the dolls were without arms and legs. One had a cracked head. She was a nice doll, t

The Spinning Wheel

One night, after all the household had settled down to sleep, Raggedy Andy sat up in bed and tickled Uncle Clem. Uncle Clem twisted and wiggled in his sleep until finally he could stand it no longer and awakened. “I dreamed that some one told me the funniest story!” said Uncle Clem; “But I cannot remember what it was!” “I was tickling

The Taffy Pull

“I know how we can have a whole lot of fun!” Raggedy Andy said to the other dolls. “We’ll have a taffy pull!” “Do you mean crack the whip, Raggedy Andy?” asked the French doll. “He means a tug of war, don’t you, Raggedy Andy?” asked Henny. “No,” Raggedy Andy replied, “I mean a taffy pull!” “If it’s lots of fun, t