Original Stories

The Christmas Visitor

Christmas was fast approaching. Everyone was busy buying gifts, baking cookies and decorating for the holidays. Since I was only twelve, there was only so much that I could help with. Mom let me help bake some cookies and we did put up some decorations, but Dad did a lot of the outside ones. We all loved this time of year. It had snowed right afte

Rite of Passage

When I was about to turn thirteen, my dad had an epiphany. He had been watching a documentary about “Rites of Passage” and was appalled by the fact that there was very little of this ritual left in the world. So then and there he declared his sons would have this unique experience. At the time, our family business was a health club and gym so

Amber, the little traffic light

One day Amber the traffic light was feeling sad. ‘Why are you sad?’ asked Little Red Car. ‘I’m sad because my friends Green Light and Red Light have the best jobs.  Everyone loves Red so much that they stop and stare at him for a long time. When Green comes along, he lights up and says, ‘Go’ everyone listens to him before they whizz

What happens to balloons?

Yey, it’s that time of year again for the party,’ the balloons shouted out in glee. ‘Finally we will get used, it’s been a long time sitting in this drawer,’ chuckled Green Balloon. It was a lovely sunny day and the balloons were all excited as they queued up to get blown up for the garden party. ‘Oh I wonder will we get more floater

The Cover

Laughing loudly, the four boys, ranging in age from 10 to 16 in an assortment of heights, stood menacingly inside the small drug store. Their roar interrupted the graveyard silence of the frigid January night. Outside the store a neon light beamed Giuseppe’s through the darkness. The shop owner Giuseppe, a frail, gray-haired man, knelt picking u

What is wrong with Lolita?

Lolita has always been a very happy and clever girl, but today she seems different. She is very sad today. Nobody knows what is wrong with Lolita. Her friends came to visit her from school, and asked her if she was sick, and she answered, “No, I am not”. Her grandfather came to take her to eat her favorite dessert, but she didn’t want to go.

Dad’s Stupid New Job

Have you ever moved house? I have, and this is the story of it. Oh, BTW, my name is Martin Kelly, just so’s you know, and I’m nine years old. Of course, being nine, what I think doesn’t count for much when these things are decided. Mum and Dad held family meetings, sure, but they were to tell me what was happening, not to ask me what I wante

A Child of Light

A RETELLING OF by The weak winter sun slid past the horizon and with darkness came the bitter cold.  Tiny wet flakes of snow fell from a heavy sky, touching the girl’s cheeks.  The eleven-year-old blew on her hands and stamped her feet, numb from the cold.  In moving from one foster home to another, she had long ago lost the gloves her gran

The Nervous Spider

Adrian felt his web shake and immediately felt nervous. He always hated this moment, when an insect trapped itself in his web. He knew he was expected to rush over and finish them off. A quick bite to paralyse them and then wrap them in silk. It’s what he was brought up to do. And of course, he was hungry. Adrian sat in the centre of his web an

A Christmas Fairy

It was getting very near to Christmas time, and all the boys at Miss Ware’s school were talking about going home for the holidays. “I shall go to the Christmas festival,” said Bertie Fellows, “and my mother will have a party, and my Aunt will give another. Oh! I shall have a splendid time at home.” “My Uncle Bob is going to give me a