Original Stories

Abby From Underland

The Royal Cook ordered Abby to bring a goblet of foaming starcider to the prince. She knocked, waited, and opened the door, but he didn’t stir from where he sat absorbed in a book. From the look of the volumes that lined the looming shelves, this was a learned prince. She widened her eyes until they glowed to study the boy, a twelve-year-old lik

Marcelle and the Kitchen Monster

This is what happened the night when Marcelle conquered her fear. I was there and this is the story. I noticed that Marcelle wasn’t sleeping yet. “Having sleep problems Little Marcelle?” I asked. “I’m mad!” she said. “And why is that?” “Because I’m hungry, I don’t want to sleep yet and I’m bored!” “Ok, let’s go g


The cold winter wind brushes across my skin with a deafening sound, but I don’t mind. After a night spent lying awake and cursing at my own inability to fall asleep, I welcome the sensation. I turn back and glance at the beige house, covered in recently fallen snow. With a sigh I face ahead and continue on my path. The snow is still falling, hidi

Hero Man – Episode 3: The Haunted Cave

Chapter 1 – Million Dollar ticket Vroom! Ralph hit the ball and ran for the first base. He was safe. It was summer and he was playing baseball with his friends, Michael, Jack, Steve and Robin. Ralph was expecting another mission but it hadn’t come, so he wanted to explore the jungle called River Safari. He wanted to see if there are any missi

Hero Man – Episode 4: The Bird Thief

“Here you go,” Ralph said. He was giving a $5 bill to a poor man. “Thank You and god may bless you,” the man said. “Sure,” Ralph said, then he headed to his home. His friends, Robin and Jack were waiting for Ralph at his home because he said he was going show them a unusual treasure he had found in his 3rd mission, The Haunted Cave. T

Hero Man – Episode 5: The Chinese Fight

“Great,” Robin said. He was close to finish the video game’s level but was suddenly shot by the villains. “Game Over,” was the reply. “You are the great guy, Robin,” Ralph teased at his friend. “Yeah, Ralph’s right,” Jack said, Ralph’s 2nd best friend. “That isn’t great,” Robin snapped. Ralph and his friends were pl

Empty Pockets

Antonio stood in the doorway of his family’s casa. He felt the coolness on his back coming from inside the cliff hut and the warmth on his face coming from the late summer sun. He watched as Papa set off to meet other men in the village square. The men traveled north for a long distance race. The prize money made the trip worthwhile.  Being the

Siren Alert

“Leave me alone, Sam, I’m busy,” Amy said, her eyes riveted to the black desk phone. Maybe if she stared hard enough she could keep it from ringing. The lump in Amy’s stomach felt the size of the biggest onion in the truck on its way to the warehouse a block away. Why had Grandpa Harry left her in charge of his funeral home office? What if

Daniel and the Pirates

Daniel and his sister were huddled in the hold of the British schooner London Lady, listening to the terrifying sounds above. They trembled at the boom of the cannon, the cracking of the mast, the screams of alarm and shouted orders. Their father’s last words had been, “Stay here. Whatever happens I want you to trust God. He’ll be with you.

The Garden of Light

In a town called Tamale, there lived a man called Mr Damba. He was known as the children’s favorite by many people in the town.  He was very old but energetic and hardworking. At the back of Mr Damba’s house was a very lovely and evergreen garden in which one would find all sort of domestic birds, flowers and a variety of ornamental plants.