Original Stories

Unforeseen Adventures and Hidden Treasures

When I was six, Dad left us. Mum was pretty upset and big brother, well, he ignored me as always. I was mad! And I was done with Dads and swore never to have one again, but after I had just turned seven, Mum met my Stepdad and this whole story began.   I hated his place. It was so boring. It was summer when we moved into Stepdad’s house. Mum

Far Away Adventures

“That’s it!” Mark had enough. Angry, he stuffed his essentials into his big backpack: his favorite book with pirate Captain Sparks glowering from the cover at him, the fluffy blue blanket and his Christmas stash of sweets. The packing calmed his racing heart. Mum deserves it, he thought, that was so mean! To take my new toy away – just beca

Circus Girl

My mum can fit inside a jar. SHEILA SPANGLE THE AMAZING CONTORTIONIST reads the sign on our caravan. Papa’s Herman the Mighty Magician. And my older brother Anthony is a trapeze artist. I’m Cassie, the Family Disappointment. Can’t fold my body into a tiny ball. Can’t produce coins from behind people’s ears. And unlike Anthony, I’m ter

Hero Man – Episode 2: The Cambria World

It was a beautiful, spring day in 74 Austin Street and Ralph was playing baseball with his friends. They were Robin and Jack. They knew that Ralph was a super hero named as Hero Man. He once defeated the scientist cats, when they made a bomb blast. Now, Ralph was waiting for his second mission. “Come on guys, let’s get in,” said Ralph. “It

About a Buoy

Have you ever been to the seaside? I’m sure that you have. Well if you have been to the seaside then you may have noticed those coloured balls that just seem to float in the sea without moving.  Remember? Those floating balls are called buoys, and they’re anchored to the seabed so that they don’t move. It’s a strange word, buoy. Peopl

Simon’s Peg

Pavel was a very happy peg. He lived in Simon’s basket with all of his peg friends. There were many pegs in the basket and they would laugh and talk all day.  It was so much fun.  They all slept together at night and were very cosy.  Pavel always slept very well. Some days Simon would take the basket full of pegs outside and several pegs wo

Sally Mae Jones and the Ferris Wheel Ride

Sally Mae Jones stood head and shoulders above all of her friends. Her red hair and freckles make her stand out in a crowd. Sally Mae had a heart as big as Texas and at this time of year, she had only one thing on her mind. The Farrow County Fair was opening in two days, and she had her mind made up that this year she was taking a Ferris wheel ride

Franklin the Frog

I was a little tadpole when they began coming down to the pond to see me. They waved their hands in the water to get my attention and I would always swim away. They tried to catch me, but they never could. We had a good time. I learned a lot from them. As I grew older I became a frog and would jump in and out of the water. One day I was sitting on

Ogre in the Basement

The day that Grandma Steel came to live with us was an exciting day for the whole family. Dad went to pick her up at the airport, and we all continued to prepare the basement spare bedroom for her arrival. When they pulled into the driveway, we all ran out to greet her and tell her we were happy that she would be staying with us. Her excitement ho

The Frogs’ Race

One day, a group of frogs decided to make a race and get to the top of a high tower.  A lot of people came to see them and give them their support, but the race had just begun and everybody was already saying that the frogs would not get there: « It doesn’t make any sense going on! You’ll never reach the top of the tower! » Little by lit