Original Stories

Mr. and Mrs. Thumbkins

Thumbkins ran beneath the bushes and down the tiny path until he came to where Tommy Grasshopper sat upon a blade of grass swinging in the breeze. “Have you seen Mrs. Thumbkins, Tommy Grasshopper?” Thumbkins called. “I have been asleep,” replied Tommy Grasshopper, “And I haven’t seen her!” “Oh dear! Oh dear!” cried Thumbkins.

The Old, Rough Stone and the Gnarled Tree

A great rough stone lay beneath a gnarled old tree. Years ago a tiny squirrel had climbed upon the stone to nibble some nuts, but before he had finished he was startled away.   “There!” thought the stone to himself as he saw a nut roll to the ground, “now that nut will take root and grow into a tree and I will have to lie here for ages b

Sally Migrundy

Sally Migrundy lived all alone in a tiny little cottage no larger than a piano box. This was plenty large enough for Sally Migrundy though, for she was a tiny little lady herself. Sally Migrundy’s tiny little cottage stood at the edge of a stream, a beautiful crystal clear stream of tinkling water which sang in a continual murmur all day and all

How Johnny Cricket Saw Santa Claus

When the first frost came and coated the leaves with its film of sparkles, Mamma Cricket, Papa Cricket, Johnny Cricket and Grandpa Cricket decided it was time they moved into their winter home. Papa and Mamma and Grandpa Cricket carried all the heavy Cricket furniture, while Johnny Cricket carried the lighter things, such as the family portraits,

The Twin Sisters

Everybody in the little village called them the twin houses because they were built exactly alike. But the two little cottages looked different even if they were built alike, for one was covered with climbing vines and beautiful scarlet roses while the other had no vines or flowers about it at all. Everybody called the two cottages the twin houses

Little Thumkin’s Good Deed

Thumbkins lived in a tiny, cozy little house right down beneath a mushroom. The tiny, little house was made of cobwebs which Thumbkins had gathered from the bushes and weeds. These he had woven together with thistle-down, making the nicest little nest imaginable.   One day Thumbkins was passing through the meadow and it began to rain. “Dear

The Wishbone

The stove lifter lay upon his iron side and looked across the top of the shelf which stood above the stove. “Who is he?” he asked of the box of matches lying near him. The box of matches looked at the strange new object standing upon two thin white legs and leaning against the wall near the coffee pot. “I do not know!” the match box answe

Tim Tim Tamytam

“This looks like an excellent place, Tim Tim!” Mrs. Tamytam said, as she threw her little bonnet back from her head. “An excellent place!” Tim Tim Tamytam scrambled up the root of the tree and peered into the dark hole in the tree trunk. “HMMM!” he said by way of reply, “Did you bring the candle with you, Tum Tum?” “Oh, I forgot

A Change of Coats

Two mischievous little gnomes were walking along the beach one day and as they came to a pile of rocks they heard voices. One of the little gnomes put his finger to his lips for silence and peeped cautiously around the largest stone. There he saw a crab and a lobster sitting upon a bunch of sea-weed in the sunshine. The other gnome again crept u

Life’s a Starfish – or Better Not?

“Me! Me!” Starfish jiggled all her arms. “Look at me!” Jellyfish stood besides her, beaming. “She’s amazing, isn’t she?” His gaze swept over the sea creatures. The crabs at the back dropped their claws in exhaustion. “We’ve done it,” one small red crab said, nudging its companion. “I’d high-five it, if I had enough ene