Original Stories

When a Bed Became a Boat

Rain thundered against Lucy’s window. It must be something like in one of those old, horror films out there, she thought. The scene played out in her mind, the black sky, the haunted house on the cliff edge, the leafless trees that looked like weeping old ladies, and the lightning bolt that dramatically forked to the ground. Lucy shuddered and

A Spoon’s Life

The mother, Shanice, liked Lilly the best. But then, no other spoon looked as beautiful. She rested in a plastic bin on the kitchen counter along with the other spoons – big ones used for serving, round soup spoons, and other one-of-a-kinds that the father, Andres, used to stir his morning coffee and scarf down oatmeal. Lilly’s slender silver

The Blue Tit

I am writing this by way of introduction. I am a Blue Tit, and this garden is my home. They call me Junior. This is because I am the youngest of four brothers and sisters. They all left home ages ago, but I am still here! Why would I want to go? I have it all here! There is the fully stocked bird table that is just the right height. It’s got a d

The Kallerbay Stories 16-18

Kallerbay was conceived as a short story project for 6 – 11 year-olds, written in a first-person child-related style and the “storytellers” are a class of 25 children in this age bracket. In an uncomplicated environment, we follow the adventures of 25 schoolboys and girls in the fictional seaside town of Kallerbay where life is adventurous an

Madari and his Animals

I am Madari – a street performer. My artists are Bandari the female monkey, Leru the puppy with a clipped ear, Peku the precocious parrot, but my star performer is Sapu, the snake. This story started many many years ago from the night of the great storm when the mighty river swelled and swallowed up everything in its path. I found myself floating

Takala and the Lake Monster

The children of the village stood in front of the chief, anxiously waiting for him to call their name. A light breeze moved their buckskin clothing around them, and the sun hung low in the brightening sky. The chief stood proudly outside his wigwam and addressed the small gathering of children. “Today, some of you will become adults. Those I cho

Number 42

Yesterday Danny was late for school even though he’d left at the same time as Jordan, his twin brother. No-one was going to believe that he’d got lost. They’d lived here three weeks already. Jordan smirked at him from across the assembly hall as Danny tried to creep in. Too late. Miss Evans saw him and screeched out his name like one of the

The Magic Feathers

Illustrations by Frederick Allen ‘I know you miss Grandma,’ Mum said. ‘So do I. And she misses us. But we’ll just have to make do with phone calls until it’s safe to see her again.’ Everything had changed, and Bea didn’t like it one bit. It was nice having Mum at home all the time, but she was getting bored without school. She mis

Dogs’ Home

I have to admit that I had the best night’s sleep ever. The French poodle who lived next door has finally found a home! Of course, I am as friendly as can be and always willing to have a chat, but that poodle never stopped talking. She was always going on about how she’d been abandoned in Hyde Park and picked up in a police van. How she suffer

Shearing Day

The shepherd of the flock was still resting on the hillside past noon. “When will he take us to be sheared?” Lennie asked Old Sheep. “When he’s ready,” Old Sheep answered. Lennie did not want to be sheared.  He never had been because he was too young the last time the flock went to the barn for shearing.  He remembered seeing all the