Original Stories

A Golden Romance

I was born in this pond, so it is home to me. We all have regular feeding times, and Variety sticks are our current favourite. It is peaceful and quiet, and there are no cats in the area as safety is a priority. My friends and family all come from posh pet shops and were the first to live here. We happily share the pond of course with other fish

Tom the Turkey’s Great Adventure

Tom lived on a farm in the country, and even though there were other turkeys around, they made fun of him because he was so little. They never included him in their games, like, Kick the Acorn, Find the Worm, and Tom’s favourite: Hide and Seek. This made Tom sad; he wished he had a friend. One morning he decided it was time to leave the farm, he

Nell and Gé Geal

Many years ago, there was a little girl called Nell. She was ten years old.  She lived with her mother and father in a small cottage in County Clare, in Ireland. They were very happy. One fine summer’s day Nell’s mother said, ‘Let us go for a long walk in the woods.’ They packed an apple tart and a bottle of milk in a basket and set off

The Clever Trick

Mr Squirrel and Mr Rabbit were good friends ever since Mr Rabbit saved one of the young Squirrels from a cat by taking him down his hole. Mr Squirrel and his family lived high up in the tall Oak Tree near the top of the hillside. Mr Rabbit used to look up at the tree sometimes and shade his eyes against the sun. “You almost live in the sky,” h


“Tera, hurry up. I didn’t bring you all this way just to sit there doing nothing.” Tera’s mother frowned. “But, Mommy, are you sure it’s safe?” Tera asked again. “Yes.” “Absolutely certain?” “Yes.” “Okay, okay, I guess I can try.” Tera wheeled her small, pink bike up to the middle of the steep hill, took a deep br

The Kallerbay Stories 13-15

Kallerbay was conceived as a short story project for 6 – 11 year-olds, written in a first-person child-related style and the “storytellers” are a class of 25 children in this age bracket. In an uncomplicated environment, we follow the adventures of 25 schoolboys and girls in the fictional seaside town of Kallerbay where life is adventurous an

Desmond the Dormouse

Desmond, the eldest son of Mr and Mrs Dormouse, woke up one morning quite determined. He was going to live in his own house. The idea has been in his mind for a long time, but suddenly it was settled. “What a foolish idea!” said Mr Dormouse to Desmond at breakfast. “I think you must have a headache or something. Do you want all The Hollow to

The Search for Sir Squeezums

I never used to believe in imaginary things when I was a kid. Come to think of it, I never used my imagination at all. The idea of having an imaginary friend to play with, or exploring imaginary worlds was just stupid to me. My sister, Emily, had a great imagination. She was always playing out in the backyard with her imaginary friends and her ted

Beauty’s Red Spot

Beauty was a very beautiful girl. She was always loved by everyone. She was also very kind and fun-loving. She enjoyed partying with her friends. Also, she loved to eat different kinds of food. She was the best girl in her class and her teacher’s favourite. One day, her teacher told her that in a few weeks, they would be taking a class photograph

Sammy the Seal Wants to Play

Sammy spent most of his days looking out at the kids playing on the beach and splashing in the shallow waves.  It looked like they were having so much fun, he wished he could play with them. Although he had friends, he felt like he was missing out on something. One day, when Sammy and his mother were lying on rocks, enjoying the warm sunshine, he