Original Stories

Like Pinocchio’s Nose

Okay, I started the buzz about Carmie, but by the time it got back to me, the story had grown like Pinocchio’s nose. My name is Daisy Pratt, and trust me when I tell you that everything I said was true. But right now that seems about as important as a snow shovel in summer. Sophie, Hannah, JaQuetta, and I are sitting in Ms. Garcia’s office. Sh

Explaining Curtis

Illustrated by Hannah Gruber Do you believe in angels? If you’re like me, you probably haven’t given the matter much thought. But something happened yesterday at the Bag & Buy that made a believer out of me. It was the day before Christmas Eve and as I stood in the supermarket parking lot, fat snow flakes falling like frozen cotton balls,

The Kallerbay Stories

Kallerbay was conceived as a short story project for 6 – 11 year olds, written in a first-person child-related style and the “storytellers” are a class of 25 children in this age bracket. In an uncomplicated environment, we follow the adventures of 25 schoolboys and girls in the fictional sea-side town of Kallerbay where life is adventurous a

The  Christmas  Pterodactyl

In the weeks leading up to Christmas, Lucy had been practising making paper birds by carefully folding sheets of paper. At first, they were very crooked and looked nothing like a bird and she got cross with herself and stamped her foot. But Lucy was not a child to give up. Once she had decided on something she became very determined. Every day, her

The Secret Classroom

Snow Shell asked Mount Ember, the military dog, “Hey, have you read Cinderella?” “Nope.” he said. “It is too flowery for me. I have just finished Gulliver’s Travels.” “How did you manage to finish it?” “I read it when the kids and their parents were sleeping.” Ember winked at her. He dug out something from under the bush.

The Dog Who Loved the Water

Lyla had a problem. She got a puppy for her eleventh birthday—and he was obsessed with the water. Crazy obsessed. His name was Jet, but if Lyla had known about his H2O infatuation, she would’ve named him Kayak or Shipwreck. Lyla and her parents lived across the street from the Yellow Banks Creek. The moment Lyla took her eyes off Jet, he wo

Nicky’s Puppet Surprise

By Rose Butler and Nick Squeri Winter Break at the nearby elementary school was just around the corner, and there was a contest for  the most unique puppet or toy.   Mrs. Smedley kept reminding the class of how great it was to reuse materials.  Even the rules for the contest was printed on recycled paper.  Nicky loved that someone could turn

Paul and the Smugglers

Paul looked out on the rolling sea, grey and stormy this evening. Far above, the glow of the light beamed down, but in the dense fog, Paul wondered how far it was penetrating. As he ducked inside the door, he also wondered if there were any ships out there. These days, vessels carrying weapons and supplies for their soldiers came by continually. I

The Worried Ladybug Mama

One day a little ladybug mother stood in her yard and said, “Oh my, all of my little children have flown away, what will I do?” Her little green grasshopper friend who just happened to be sitting on a rock nearby said, “Don’t worry my little ladybug friend, they’ll be back.  I think I saw them flying down toward the park earlier, they p

Operation Rescue Rabbits

Our neighbour Mr Jose’s garden, in the backyard of his house, is a mesh of knots and tangles – weeds and brambles are growing like an insidious disease. The leaves of Yellow Nut sedges – having long tapered tips – and the heart shaped leaflets of the low growing Lemon Grass are burgeoning like the tentacles of an octopus all across the grou