Original Stories

The Lovesong of Jubal Jacques 

When I was young, I became so ill that everyone thought I would die. But being a child with a mind of my own, I decided to get better instead. When I was halfway well, but still very weak, I was sent to a small green island to stay on my grandmother’s farm. It was only a small farm, but it was on a grassy hillside and sheltered from the wind. Th

Dancing on Top of the World

This story has a lot of ice and snow and chilly winds whistling around in it.  Please make sure you are in a warm, cosy place when you read it. In a cave high on a frozen mountainside lived a family of yetis. There was Mumma Yeti, Poppa Yeti, Sister Frizzie Yeti and the youngest of all, Little Bittie Yeti. Yes, those are silly names for yetis, or

Big Bad Mavis

The best thing about Ben’s birthday was that he turned Old Enough. For such a long time he had wanted to go with big sister, Matilda, to stay on the farm. But all he ever heard was “You’re not quite Old Enough.” The farm belonged to Gran’s friends, Madge and Joe. Sometimes Gran took Ben to visit them for a day. When Matilda went, she st

The Secret Language

It was a very boring day at school, and I was very eager to leave the school grounds. I was just rounding the corner when I bumped into Mr Chechyme, our weird, creepy chemistry teacher. I call him Mr Che for short. Me and my friend, Kate try to figure out if he has invented something yet. We think he has a secret lab somewhere.  We had made many s

The Little Boy’s Dream

There was a little boy who loved stories. He loved when his mom and dad read them to him at night to help him fall asleep. He loved watching stories unfold in his favorite cartoons on TV. And he loved getting lost in the library and discovering the stories hidden away on the shelves. Every time he heard a new story, it was like being taken to a fa

Pig Island

Twelve-year-old Emily spent every summer at her grandmother’s beach cottage where she breathed in the salt air, swam in the ocean and rode Grammy Tuck’s prize-winning pony, Patrick. This year Emily saw something new, though, when she looked out Grammy’s kitchen window. She saw pigs! Real live ones. The animals seemed to live on a nearby isla

Stop the Yawn!

What started out as the hint of a tickle in the back of Jennie’s throat began to grow and spread until she couldn’t stop it anymore. No way. No how. She tried swallowing but that didn’t work — it only seemed to have the opposite effect. The breath blew up like a balloon inside her mouth, bigger and bigger and pushedpushedpushed against her

Terror in the Sky

As she glanced out the window, her inner voice screamed, “Run, don’t look back!”  Her heart raced in terror as she scrambled to reach the front door.  It would not open!  She tugged with all the strength a twelve-year-old could muster and realized her attempts were futile.  Trembling, she sped around the corner to the stairs.  The steep,


My name is Poupak; I belong to the Cujareno tribe and I live in the Amazon jungle between Brazil and Peru. We are nomads and when there is not too much rain, we put up our tents on the banks of the Amazon so that we can fish undisturbed, but when the rainy season starts we withdraw deep into the tropical forest. The river flows quietly a few kilome

Enormous Nine-Toes Billy

“Well, well. If it isn’t Enormous Nine-Toes Billy!” Nathan Naylor shouted, plopping down next to me on the school bus. “Did you guys know that Billy here only has four tootsies on his left foot? I kid you not.” He did a cross-your-heart gesture. “His big toe is missing! I saw it for myself. And it was soooo gross…” He scrunched up h