Original Stories

Ella the Rabbit

There once was a rabbit named Ella. Ella was a gorgeous rabbit who was the perfect shade of snow. She lived in a large rabbit city buried deep in the forest. The forest was full of beautiful flowers, and towering trees. Ella and her family were the only rabbits who were white in color. Many other rabbits envied Ella’s color and her perfect rabbi

The New Tin Gutter

All day Saturday the men had worked out upon the eaves of the house and the dolls facing the window could see them. The men made quite a lot of noise with their hammers, for they were putting new gutters around the eaves, and pounding upon tin makes a great deal of noise. Marcella had not played with the dolls all that day, for she had gone visit

The Rabbit Chase

“Well, what shall we play tonight?” asked Henny, the Dutch doll, when the house was quiet and the dolls all knew that no one else was awake. Raggedy Andy was just about to suggest a good game, when Fido, who sometimes slept in a basket in the nursery, growled. All the dollies looked in his direction. Fido was standing up with his ears sticki

The Singing Shell

For years and years the beautiful shell had been upon the floor in Gran’ma’s front room. It was a large shell with many points upon it. These were coarse and rough, but the shell was most beautiful inside. Marcella had seen the shell time and time again and often admired its lovely coloring, which could be seen when one looked inside the shell

Peter’s Pyjamas

Peter woke up earlier than usual. The sun was shining into his room through a gap in the curtains. This was was what woke him up, plus the fact that today was his birthday so he was really  excited.  Last night when he went to bed he was only 7 but today when he woke up he was fully 8 years old. Peter lived with his Mum and Dad, his big brother B

The Wooden Horse

Santa Claus left a whole lot of toys. A wooden horse, covered with cotton and touched lightly with a paint brush dipped in black paint to give him a dappled gray appearance, was one of the presents. With the wooden horse came a beautiful red wagon with four yellow wheels. My! The paint was pretty and shiny. The wooden horse was hitched to the wa

Doctor Raggedy Andy

Raggedy Andy, Raggedy Ann, Uncle Clem and Henny were not given medicine. Because, you see, they had no mouths. That is, mouths through which medicine could be poured. Their mouths were either painted on, or were sewed on with yarn. Sometimes the medicine spoon would be touched to their faces but none of the liquid be given them. Except accident

Courtney and the 42 Ears of Corn

One morning, Courtney, a white cow with the smallest of black spots, wandered off. She was not supposed to leave the pasture. But that day she headed straight into the corn fields. Courtney’s family watched her disappear through the tall stalks. “Why did Courtney go in there? She knows better,” the brother calf mooed. “What is she thinkin

Size of a Whisper

I have always wished that I could be tiny again. Maybe even the size of a whisper. “Mom, how small is a whisper?” I asked. “A whisper?” she asked. “I imagine very small, Mark. How come?” “Olivia is tiny. I want to be tiny again too, and a whisper might be a good tiny size to be,” I said. “Olivia is a baby, but you are a big bo

Adventures in Bug Land

Angela was sitting in her usual quite place in the woods, which was her habit when she is a bit out of sorts.  She was listening to the soft spring breeze gently encouraging the newly arrived leaves to wave, as if approving of her presence, and thinking of nothing at all, which always helped to relax her. Looking down, she caught a glimpse of a g