Original Stories

Castor Seeds

Once upon a time, haha, not in Fairyland but the farmland of Niki’s grandparents’ farm, she and her cousin had an adventure. Oh! No, it was a misadventure. She was bigger than her cousin, in size as well as in age. She enjoyed most of her fun-filled days at her grandparents’ home and farm. The days were filled with their love and affection.

The Tiger Growls Thrice

I The Tiger in the Grove Dusk was falling fast as I waited near the river bank waiting for Kalua to bring the small boat. Across the wide expanse of the river, I could see the outline of the mangrove forest. There was my ancestral land. There was Grandfather waiting for me. The sound of the lapping waves was suddenly disrupted by an urgent cry fr

The Smile On Her Lips

THE SMILE ON HER LIPS “I am so excited! We’re going to surprise Grandma, away from the busy New York streets, to the green countryside!!!” said the thrilled, 13-year old Katie. “Shhhh…!” said her mature, much older brother, Jamie. “You are going to tell the whole city!” he added. They were sitting in the living room, talking, as

Millicent Makes a Wish

There was this tree at school.  Everyone called it the Big Maple.  Kids used to spend recess and lunch near the Big Maple.  The boys tried to see how far they could run up it.  Or they’d dare each other to punch it. The girls used to collect the maple keys that fell all around it each spring.  They’d strip away the pseudo leaf part of tho

Gorilla’s Grey

In the jungle of Karva, there lived a Gorilla. The jungle was too dense. The sun didn’t dare to enter there. The tall trees wrapped the jungle in green. Scented flowers exuded their aroma. Rainbow coloured butterflies fluttered on them, and busy honey bees collected nectar. The placid lake in the jungle had crystal clear water. The hairy tree-sha

Rainbow Ice cream

One day Nancy had a fancy for ice cream on a fine summer day. She had dreamt in her sleep that she was eating a cool, colourful, creamy ice cream cone on a hot summer day. She ran to her mum and asked her, “Mamma, Mamma, can you make ice cream for me today?” Mamma smiled and told Nancy, “Sure, Nancy, I will make a cool, colourful, creamy ic

Lofty and Zed

Once upon a time a long way away on a granite hillside lived a big old tree called Lofty. On the hills all around him were huge boulders, split by the weather and lying any-old-how. Because the ground was stony, Lofty had learned to put his roots down as far as he could. There were hundreds and hundreds of native bees in Zed. They were very smal

Cuddlemuddle in the Monsters’ School

Once upon a time, there was a little monster called Cuddlemuddle, who liked nothing more than lying on the grass in the garden in front of his parents’ house and looking into the sky. When he grew up, Cuddlemuddle, like all little monsters, had to go to school and learn everything a big monster had to know. He learned the 3 Rs – reading, writi

Ashra’s Wish

Scrape, scrape whoosh. Scrape, scrape whoosh. It was early in the village and most people were either still in bed or just having their breakfast. The old man stopped to listen, leaning against a high garden fence. He knew that sound very well; it was the sound of a carpenter planing wood. His father had used the same tool countless times, leaning

Letter to Zac

  Hi Zac.  How are you? Sorry that I haven’t written to you sooner but I had a sore finger and I couldn’t type very well. Do you want to know what happened to my finger? Well, last Tuesday I was in the garden with “Kranky” the cat from next door combing the grass and talking to the flowers when along came a weezle-wobbler.  It was th