Arama Sonucu

The Adventures of Bird

Once upon a time there was a very large bird. His name was Bird. Although he had a bad memory it was an easy name for him to remember – children were always pointing at him saying ‘Look at that bird!’ which helped him remember his name when he had forgotten it. But one-day Bird could not fly. He tried, but he could not. He loved to soar high

Old Man

He sat alone on an old weathered wood bench in the park. His face was age-worn, and his clothes were slightly tattered from years of neglect. The old man had lived alone for many years after his wife of fifty years passed away nearly five years ago. His eighty-five years of life showed on his hands. Hard-working hands during his lifetime. And many

What Lou Could Do

As I climbed up on top of my grandfather’s knee, He said, “Sit down, for I have a story for you.The whole thing begins with a girl named Marie, And her not very ordinary young brother Lou.At the time of this story Marie is just three, While two whole weeks earlier Lou had turned two.And she was the only one right there to see, Just what h

Race Against Time

I was riding up my street, coming home from school. I always needed to stay alert on the bike. My street was narrow, and drivers in Gulistan were often looking at their phones.This day an old guy was wandering up the middle of the street. I rode up beside him and stopped.‘Salamat siz, Atalar. Hello, Grandfather,’ I said politely.‘Salama

A Longish Tale

In all the stories in all the world there has rarely been a tale… about a tail.But this tale is different because this tail was different.For this tale was attached to a mouse, and attached to the mouse was a very long tail.The mouse of this story was named Edward by his mother and Martin by his father.  As they could never agree on name

The Kallerbay Stories 19-21

Kallerbay was conceived as a short story project for 6 – 11 year-olds, written in a first-person child-related style and the “storytellers” are a class of 25 children in this age bracket. In an uncomplicated environment, we follow the adventures of 25 schoolboys and girls in the fictional seaside town of Kallerbay where life is adventurous an

Mrs Grim’s Pet Dinners

When I was ten my dog was kidnapped. His name was Sam. He was a lovely little lump who wouldn’t have hurt a fly (not even in self-defence). Sam was my best friend – so you can imagine my grief when he vanished. Mum said he’d probably run away. But I knew Sam wouldn’t do that. Deep down I knew he’d been snatched – and I had a pretty good

Lisa and her Dog

One day Lisa was walking home from school, and she passed a pet shop. It was the same one she passed hundreds of times. This time as she passed by the window, she just had to look in, and when she did, she saw the prettiest black dog she had ever seen in her lifetime. It had a red bow in its hair behind its ears. She was black as coal.Lisa just h

The Gift of the Magi

One dollar and eighty–seven cents. That was all. And sixty cents of it was in pennies. Pennies saved one and two at a time by negotiating hard with the grocer and the vegetable man and the butcher until your cheeks burned with the embarrassment of poverty that such close dealing implied. Three times Della counted it. One dollar and eighty–seven

Might Pigs Fly?

Orswille and Willboar, the Might brothers, inventors, pigs on a mission, believe pigs can fly. After dreaming up plans in the barn for the ultimate flying contraption, it was time to share their scheme with all the animals on the farm.Sally the sow was asleep in the sty when Orswille woke her.‘Our plan is to be the first pigs to fly.’‘O