Arama Sonucu

Help Me

Willakaville looked like any normal place you would see when travelling across the country. Everyone there lived in regular houses. There were typical people going to work, and ordinary kids playing  outside.  It  was  everything  you  would expect in a small town. However, there constantly seemed to be something strange going on. You will se

Number 42

YesterdayDanny was late for school even though he’d left at the same time as Jordan, his twin brother. No-one was going to believe that he’d got lost. They’d lived here three weeks already.Jordan smirked at him from across the assembly hall as Danny tried to creep in. Too late. Miss Evans saw him and screeched out his name like one of the

Penguin and the Fig Tree

When I was still young, I would spend my summer holidays at my Uncle Ernesto’s home. He lived, at that time, by the well-known and touristy beach of Figueira da Foz, in the North of Portugal, in a lovely house at the end of a cul-de-sac that ended at the entrance to a pine forest.My uncle had a dog, Penguin, and this is a story about him.He w

The Magic Feathers

Illustrations by Frederick Allen‘I know you miss Grandma,’ Mum said. ‘So do I. And she misses us. But we’ll just have to make do with phone calls until it’s safe to see her again.’Everything had changed, and Bea didn’t like it one bit. It was nice having Mum at home all the time, but she was getting bored without school. She mis

There’s a Crocodile in our Pickle Jar

“But I’m not hungry,” said Alex.“Okay, I guess you won’t be hungry for sweets then,” said Alex’s mom.Alex’s mom walked over to the countertop and brought over the most mouth-watering, tasty looking dessert you ever did see.“Okay, who wants a piece of chocolate cake?”Before anyone else at the table could utter a single wo

Dogs’ Home

I have to admit that I had the best night’s sleep ever. The French poodle who lived next door has finally found a home!Of course, I am as friendly as can be and always willing to have a chat, but that poodle never stopped talking. She was always going on about how she’d been abandoned in Hyde Park and picked up in a police van. How she suffer

The Lazy Loppin Goat

At first, Alfred’s neighbors were mad at the way his yard made the whole neighborhood look. Many folks in town were so fed up that they offered to cut Alfred’s grass for free, but Alfred refused any help. He was determined to cut his own lawn.As Alfred’s grass grew to historic heights, the whole town of Belvar eventually embraced the jungle

Shearing Day

The shepherd of the flock was still resting on the hillside past noon.“When will he take us to be sheared?” Lennie asked Old Sheep.“When he’s ready,” Old Sheep answered.Lennie did not want to be sheared.  He never had been because he was too young the last time the flock went to the barn for shearing.  He remembered seeing all the

The Rooster that Wouldn’t Crow

It was the driest summer on record, and all the crops were wilting away. Every farmer in the region was reeling from their losses.  Desperate to change his fortunes, Peter Harpole decided to try his luck with poultry farming.  Peter didn’t know much about chickens, but selling eggs would be a great source of food, and hopefully income for him a

Lost and Found

Kirsten perked up her ears when she heard her mother’s call from downstairs.  It was four o’clock, and that meant tea time with a nice sweet, then she could go happily back to playing with her ponies in her bedroom. One of them had gotten caught between the bed’s headboard and box spring, and she was planning a dramatic rescue. She would be